Not now, I’m BUSY.

When you choose BUSY … You are unchoosing thinking, creativity and focused attention. When you choose BUSY, ask yourself WHY? Because it’s YOU that makes the actual choice. It’s YOU that loads your plate up high. To find time and beat busyness, it’s just simply necessary to make a choice.

In a world of too much

“One of the reasons we load our plate up so high is that we hate losing out on things”, Tony wrote in his book about busyness. Well, lets be honest .. In todays world there is a LOT to lose out on. We’ve become so familiar with distraction. Nowadays we live in a world full of options. And therefore life is challenging. Especially when it’s hard for us to make a choice. When we make a choice that choice automatically generates a ‘WHAT IF?’. And according to my way of thinking that’s exactly what makes choosing so difficult. That’s why it is highly important that you are able to allign with what you truly want. 

We cannot hope to thrive and achieve all we dream of unless we manage our attention better

Our effectiveness and our happiness are both entirely dependent on our ability to be focused and present. For this reason, it’s much more important to manage your attention than your time. I bet we all agree upon the fact that we can’t controle time itself, but we can control what we do with it. Which largely depends on how you spend your attention. How many times do you actually spend your attention in an undivided manner? According to research it takes 30 minutes of your time to properly REfocus, whenever you’ve broke your concentration.

Undivided attention produces your best results

Undivided attention is the key to your productive potential. Just take a moment, and let these words sink in please. Understand that attention is the key to your potential. Learning how to take advantage of it and protect it at all times .. This will ultimately help you produce your best work in less time.

When less becomes more

Obvisously you need your brain to make all this happen. But your brain is possibly the most complex object in the universe. Not designed for the level of demand, distraction and stimulation you’re throwing at it. So maybe because of what you’re throwing at it, the brain becomes tired. We have only so much mental energy to go around. Tony’s wisdom: “When our brain gets tired, we begin to avoid decisions altogether or make the easier choice. And I guess this is the explanation for the shocking, but very human, lack of consistency.”

Be the outcast

Challenge yourself and trade responses like “I am busy” or “I just don’t have the time” with more interesting responses .. Simply because in fact I AM BUSY is just the easiest way out.

Bron: Tony Crabbe – Busy