Victory favors the fearless,

Another one is what DJ Khaled would say. Another must-read about the seven common fears we deal with on a daily basis. ‘Victory favors the fearless’, written by Darrin Donnelly. It took me two days to finish this incredible piece of work. And if you choose to read this article, you may discover how fearful you truly are.

An easy way to figure out what you fear the most

As soon as a person tells you ‘you become what you think about most’, there is simply no reason for you to disagree or start a discussion. Because this is the power of our brain and its neural pathways: “The neural pathways in your brain are rewired by the consistent thoughts you think, and that is why it’s so important to protect your mindset and proactively take control of your thoughts”, Darrin claims.

Reboot your mental energy

You get updates for your computer and your phone, but how often do you update your thoughts and ideas? Your strategies? Your priorities? How often do you reboot your mental energy and delete the outdated programs and files .. Which include fears.

Fear is your ultimate opponent

Darrin describes that fear is the root cause of every negative thought that eats away at your self-confidence and every worry that keeps you up at night. He mentions that being in a state of fear makes you tight, timid and indecisive. Whenever you find yourself worrying, stressing, procastinating or questioning your potential, fear is getting the best of you. So fear isn’t something you wanna carry with you, because fear holds you back. You want to challenge it the moment you become aware of it.

Seven common fears

1. The fear of what people think |  2. The fear of change  | 3. The fear of making the wrong decision | 4. The fear of missing out | 5. The fear of not being good enough | 6. The fear of failure being permanent | 7. The fear of being ‘due’ for a setback

Fear can be defeated

That’s good news, isn’t it? You CAN win the inner battle against fear. How? By taking control of the way you talk to yourself. Fear makes you focus on what you don’t want to happen. Faith makes you focus on what you do want to happen, and so on. You get to decide which voice wins the battle. Fear can’t control you if you don’t let it.

Cancel out your fearful visions,

And replace them with faith-filled visions of good things happening and more. I understand why Darrin mentions that the battle against fear is a battle between fear and faith. We all know that the most common fears are irrational. Most of the time they are wrapped up in vague messages towards ourselves, something like: fear of failure. It’s too vague, every fear is ultimately a fear of failure. You have to dig deeper.

Faith-filled visions

And MORE. I choose to add more because in my life I needed more. I’ve come to the understanding that preparation eliminates fear. And throughout the years I’ve learned that every setback was a setup for something greater. Which tells me that a setback has the ability to fuel me. I understand now that the ‘I told you so’ message is one of my biggest fear. I’ve heard this my entire life and I compete against it. I’ve also learned that even though I didn’t know it at the time, that the rejection I received at the age of 30 – “We have decided that we are not gonna hire you as a junior trainer” – ended up being one of the best things that ever happened to me.

So .. My battle against fear

Is about preparation, gathering experience while doing, making decisions, knowing what I want, plan, a financial safety-net, believe in myself, being curious and therefore asking questions, education, being realistic and able to think in multiple directions – from a different perspective.

.. What about you?

Source: Victory Favors the Fearless – Darrin Donnelly