Turned tragedy into triomph

“If someone told you a year ago .. That today you would be sitting here, nominated for ten Grammy awards. Would you have believed it?”, after a short silence Kanye answered: “No, what happened is that I actually told other people and THEY didn’t believe it.” This article is definitely no Kayne promo or whatsoever, but what a .. WHAT a documentary: Jeen-yuhs, A Kanye Trilogy on Netflix. Be careful while watching it though .. It might as well inspire the shit out of you.

Decipher the bullshit in your life,

“I made so many decisions up in the hospital when I lay there for 7 days. Deciphering the bullshit in my life between the direction I needed to go to”, Kanye explains to Pharrell Williams. It was like some sort of intro, right before ‘Through the wire’ blasted through the speakers, automatically delivering that studio vibe. “How dead missed me there.” A new perspective, the same hunger and Pharrell’s support: “You on some SHIT!”, Pharrell said after having that particular moment of ashtonishment. Pharrell literally listened to the song with his mouth open.

“When n*ggas tell you, you hot .. Still doubt yourself”

While he said those words Pharrell’s eyes gave no trace of this being a joke. BELIEVE, truly is the power that fuels purpose. Kanye is the living proof of that. He believed in HIMSELF. His mother believed in him and somehow I assume that’s where it all started. His mother, such a gentle character, always enthusiastic about what her son was up to. She even remembered some old lyrics Kayre wrote and reminded him of them while they were sitting at the kitchentable. Every sentence she spoke seemed to be wrapped with pride.

A world opened to him that opens to few others,

But Kanye had to wait for it though. The amount of times Kanye had to be patient. The amount of times that the others were missing his point. Kanye’s hunger was of a different nature. Like it was burned into his SOUL. Humble in a one way, but I guess he grew more complex with each year passing. I’ve only seen the first two episodes and while watching that video footage, it just seemed that Kanye never shied away from a challenge. His indifference at certain moments truly astounds me, it just had to be feigned right? That’s all I can come up with. Why? Because I guess I would’ve exploded with anger if I was in his shoes.

In professional situations, play to win, but be ready to graciously accept defeat,

That’s what Kanye did. He accepted defeat, rejection, for a long time. But it was also like he was waiting for a particular moment, that perfect one .. He just went BEYOND and look where it got him. “Good dude, bad night, right place, wrong time”, in the blink of an eye his whole life changed. His accident killed the momentum, or did it empore it? Was the accident what he needed? Kinda cruel to say though.

Who is it you would like to say ‘I told you so’?

The past is the past, don’t let it haunt your present? Well, it seems that this doesn’t count for the greatest of the greatest. It’s like they’ve got programmed or maybe programmed themselves, at a young age, in the past. I just have a huge, huge respect for their motivation (or should I say dedication) that got born from it.

It takes a dream to get started, desire to keep going, and determination to finish