Fuck the bare minimum, I want the moon and the stars

Bosses usually don’t tap into their employees potential. Don’t tap into their private lives. Don’t tap into “what” it is the employee really needs, what actually drives him or her. While on the other hand there are also lots of employees that inject a false meaning into what they have done or are doing. Work is work and LIFE .. Yeah, what’s life about?

You can get of the hamster wheel at any time

Decisions like this don’t usually happen overnight but .. Yes, you CAN get off of the wheel. It is possible! The first step is stop wasting valuable time talking about the impossible. The second step is to drop the false meaning. Be honest with yourself, brutally honest and reconcile your own unimportance. Because when you do, it could lead to a realization of wasted years. Yes, sorry, no beating around the bush today. Oh and while you’re at it .. I strongly suggest to throw the ‘ok, BUT’, as a reaction, into the trashcan.

We will never live in an idyllic world

So if you are waiting for that to happen, well sorry. You will never always be motivated, which means? Which means that you must learn to be disciplined. When measuring our potential, the true measure of a person lay in what one actually did, not what one appeared capable of. Right? So what is it you did? What is it you are proud of? And what are your desires? What are you craving for? .. Dreaming of?

Addicted to the essence

Why I am writing so much about this topic? Well, because I’ve become aware of the fact that there are so many HIDDEN dreams and desires amongst friends or people that I connected with all over the world. So many of us seem to be trapped. Doing something, but wanting or craving the total opposite. A year or so back, I said to one of my friends that her job challenged her in a different way than her ambitions would. That she should compare the company she worked for with a box, and maybe it was time to get out of that box .. If she really wanted to.

When the sky is the limit,

Or the ceiling in her case .. Ask yourself if you want to settle for this ceiling the company you work for has to offer. While writing this, I wanna make one thing clear .. It’s not that I just randomly preach these kind of thoughts to friends or people that I bump into, no. If they tell me that they have ambitions, that they crave for more freedom, are inspired by my lifestyle and choices, want to start their own business or feel stressed, tired or burned out. Well, those are subjects that activate me. On those particular moments I start asking questions and I listen carefully, before I start preaching.

In choice, rests power

Few people know what they want or what is good for them. Only in retrospect do choices reveal themselves as right or wrong. But what if there’s no particular right or wrong when it comes to making choices? What if you would be able to view it as an experience, a learning curve, a moment in time to break out of the continues neverending loop, to test your potential, to create stories, to test if the ordinary could become luxurious for you, .. Whatever reason you might have. Just remember that the sky is not the limit, your mind is.

We worry about tomorrow like it is promised,

Thinking too much leads to paralysis by analysis.So again, motivation might change your day .. But discipline will change your life. And guess what, your limit is beyond the sky. So .. Take that leap of faith, it will be worth it, trust me.