Confidence, that’s the way to tackle things

Tim S. Grover uses number thirteen frequently, because he doesn’t believe in luck. And I assume he also doesn’t believe in coincidental situations or things happening by chance. I like that about Tim. Whether or not it was a coincidence, that I got to stay in a room where the previous guest left the book ‘W1nning’ doesn’t really matter, I just fucking love it! 

Are you confident or not?

I am. Of course I have those tiny little voices inside my head who are trying to lure me into an insecure state of mind .. But after many years I now know that I am able, if I am willing, to hush those voices. Everyone has those voices, even Tim. “The ultimate gamble on yourself”, Tim writes, is his definition of winning. I fell in love with his way of explaining things. His ability to tell a story, uncensored, raw. Like some sort of a wreckingball. And somehow I guess this way of being is inescapable when you’ve worked with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.  

Fear says I can do this | Doubt says I’m fucked

Tim clings to the following explanation: “You might fear what the opposition could do. But if you doubt your ability to beat them, you have no chance.” Tim claims that fear tells you there’s a minute left on the clock, and you need to win now. While doubt tells you there’s a minute left on the clock, and you are about to lose. “Fear is about playing to win. Doubt is about playing not to lose.” The crossroads of fear and doubt. “All the obstacles and challenges you’ll face on the race to greatness, none will define you more than how you react when you stand at the crossroads of fear and doubt.” 

Most people make excuses

We all do, every once in a while. Or we know people who use them more than they actually should. As a trainer and coach it’s the most common thing I hear, “We are busy, we don’t have enough time”. Well okay, fair enough. Or do you want to view it from a different angle? MAKE time, if you actually want it. Prioritize, together. Tim’s version: “You didn’t have time to finish your work? Yes you did, you just didn’t have the focus to finish your work. The time was there. Your head was somewhere else.” 


And not in a delusional kind of way. Because how did sleep deprivation became a symbol of ambition? And when did ‘rest’ become the equivalent to ‘lazy’? And the most important one of them all .. How did ‘busy’ become a symbol of importance? 

A terrifying leap of belief in yourself 

So when confidence is the way to tackle things, Tim will tell you that it is also about taking chances, while never doubting the outcome. What’s your actual mindset? Have you ever took a closer look? And are you able to separate yourself? Separation in a way of moving away from yourself, changing your own limiting beliefs and habits, your own insecurities and fears while creating new expectations and values. New demands, while shutting out the noise that wants to prevent you from acting on them. So you’ll be able to take the leap, knowing you don’t want to stay where you are any longer, and WIN.  

Winning is the ultimate gamble on yourself .. The difference between dreaming about what could be, and actually living it.

Source: W1nning – Tim S. Grover